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Stupid online installers

I find it pretty annoying when I download an installer for an application, then run said installer, only to find out that it’s just a tool that downloads the actual installer. Seriously, why? Why can’t I just directly download the

SSDs are totally worth it!

A few years ago I suffered my first hard drive failure. Not a nice thing to go through, but at least my drive was nice enough to give me a good advance warning. I noticed Windows was taking much longer

Who you are (according to Google)

Somewhere in the the depths of Google there is a little known link: There you can control the targeting of the ads they show you. That’s interesting. Even more interesting is that on this page you can see what

a Google Reader alternative

Our friends from Google announced that Reader will be retired after a few months. Blah. Their excuse is that usage has declined and there’s generally no sense to keep it running. That’s hard to believe, because Google Reader is used

Web usage trends for 2013

A few interesting things emerge when we look at Statcounter Global Stats for the past year… Google Chrome’s popularity is continuing to increase at the expense of other browsers. It has become #1 and is basically gaining more strength every

Embedding images directly in your HTML for fun and profit

For the uninitiated, a URI (also called, informally, a URL) is a string of characters used to identify any kind of information resource. Most often, you’ll see these things when browsing the web. The URI scheme is basically the first

Optimizing headers for site speed

Today I had to do some tweaks to improve the loading speed of a site with a good amount of traffic and many relatively large photos on it. When you have a lot of static content, one of the easiest

Web design trick: hiding content from the printer

Here is a simple trick that I sometimes use if I need to hide certain parts of a web page when it is sent to the printer. Now, this is not rocket science. Anyone who knows their way around CSS

An advanced way to import web data in Excel

As a web developer, I often have to create back-end databases that store a lot of useful information such as visits, user accounts, sales, and other useful information that is helpful when analyzing the performance of a website (especially if

Former MySQL CEO Mårten Mickos Talks About Managing Remote Workers

An interesting interview I found on Slashdot. Mårten Mickos built MySQL AB into a billion-dollar company with 70% of its workers, all over the world, telecommuting instead of working in offices. Now he’s CEO of another young open source company,