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Vlog: PHP and email – the right way to do it

Yay, more vlogs! This video is about a common problem encountered by newbie PHP developers: getting your application’s emails to look good and be delivered. To see the screencast part better, switch to full screen HD mode 🙂 Please keep

Vlog: Zebra printer remote calibration

So here I am, cutting my teeth on vlogging. In this video I am talking about the rarely encountered issue of having to calibrate a thermal label printer remotely from a remote application (web, mobile, or desktop).

Ghost spam paranoia

We all know that spammers can feed fake data to Google Analytics. However, even experienced webmasters need to be constantly reminded not to fall for this trick. Let me tell you an amusing story… I recently made a new website

Productivity tunes

I’m getting addicted to coding under the influence of music. It all started with the fine mixes posted at I am going to quote that website directly: Through years of trial and error – skipping around internet radio stations,

Testing Microsoft Edge with Azure RemoteApp

Microsoft Edge was a good idea overall. A new (and better) rendering engine, and a new name to replace the tired “Internet Explorer” brand. While adoption is slow, it is likely to pick up in the next years, so it’s

Storing passwords: are you doing it right?

Almost all web applications involve user authentication at some point, and many use the good old “password” as the primary approach to check if you really are who you claim to be. This burdens developers with the important responsibility of

Show, don’t tell

Having worked as a web developer for a while, I’ve noticed that sometimes I’d have to talk for an hour on the phone, or write a long email, to explain a feature that can be explained very easily if only

Chrome spyware alert

A feature that’s supposed to make the Google Chrome browser secure has actually been turned into a vulnerability. It’s inevitable: when some software becomes the most popular in its class, bad guys will start targeting it. Google Chrome made its

Where Nokia went wrong

How to change your whole product development and marketing strategy? Not the way Nokia did. Don’t get me wrong, I agree that going with a Microsoft ecosystem was a good thing to do. Nokia’s own software was running behind, it

A free iPhone (for 10 minutes)

Ever more often, businesses want their website to make a good impression on mobile devices. And they are right! Mobile web surfers have already become an important segment, and as a user of mobile internet I can personally attest that