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The Internet is in your pocket

In these days, pretty much everyone has a mobile phone that can browse the Internet. People often look at websites while they’re on the move.

Yet even today, in 2017, not everyone is up to speed with the new mobile internet. If your site is too heavy, takes a long time to load up, and requires a humungous amount of screen space, it will look awful on mobile phones and scare off your audience.

Mind the guys and girls with the phones

By now, everyone understands why it’s a very bad idea to ignore your mobile visitors. We have to court them, make them feel comfortable, make it easy for them to find their way around. And you have to make your site look good on their tiny screens.

It can’t boil eggs yet, but…

A mobile phone is more than a tiny computer. It has some things that a computer doesn’t have. For example, it can make phone calls (duh!). A well-made mobile site could include links that allow you to call that company directly, with a tap of the finger. A typical modern mobile phone also has a GPS receiver. So you can show your mobile website’s visitors which one of your offices is nearest to them right now. So many new opportunities to make your customers happy!

So here’s what I did…

As you see, the mobile Internet is important. Very important. That’s why the smart guys at HHPage hired me to help build their platform. If you’re a company that wants to use the power of the Internet to attract mobile phone users, then hhpage.com is a one-stop shop for all your mobile web needs. Basically, it’s a website that lets you create websites. Mobile websites, to be specific. HHPage gives you a number of tools that let you use all those extras that I’ve listed above, without having to worry about the technical stuff. And on top of that, they will measure your mobile site’s efficiency for you, so that you know who is using it, and how. With more than ten years of experience in the field, HHPage is mo

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