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The blue Internet, and those sleepless nights

As we know (if we’ve learned our high school physics), any warm body emits energy in the form of electromagnetic waves. Depending on its temperature, longer or shorter waves prevail. And if the body is very hot, it emits enough

Plugging the productivity drains

Fellow freelancers probably know how working from home without a rigid schedule may sometimes tempt you to slack off. But on the other hand, you still have deadlines, and you get paid based on results, so you have to keep

The easiest way to create a website ever

A friend recently asked me a simple question without a simple answer: “How can I create my own website?” “It depends,” I said, wisely stroking my long white beard. Not a very precise answer, but true nonetheless. When you set

The biggest security hole in WordPress websites

Next in the series of security-related posts, I want to talk about a huge security hole in many old WordPress websites that haven’t been kept up-to-date in the past year or two. You may not believe it, but in fact

How to prevent your website from being hacked

In the past year, I’ve had to come to the rescue and clean up several websites that were hacked and then used for spreading computer viruses to their unsuspecting visitors. Here are some tips that should help prevent that from

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How to choose color combinations that work together well

After my last color-related thoughts, here’s another great tip that I wanted to share. You see, I am a developer, not a designer. Although I can recognize and appreciate good designs, I am not that great at creating them, and

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An easy way to add a color picker to your website

In my work, I have often had to develop web-based tools that allow the user to create their own content for printing, web, or mobile. This almost always involves letting them choose colors for their text, background, etc. As you

Beginner steps in developing cross-platform mobile apps

Today I am going to point you to a very useful open source tool that helped me take my baby steps in mobile app development. Functionally and structurally, many mobile apps are much like interactive websites, but with the ability

HTML 5: what people talk about, what looks cool, and what I actually use

What is HTML 5? Well, for those who are not computer guys, let’s start by explaining what HTML is. (Naturally, if you already know that, go ahead and skip this explanation.) HTML stands for “HyperText Markup Language”. It is basically