Former MySQL CEO Mårten Mickos Talks About Managing Remote Workers

An interesting interview I found on Slashdot.

Mårten Mickos built MySQL AB into a billion-dollar company with 70% of its workers, all over the world, telecommuting instead of working in offices. Now he’s CEO of another young open source company, Eucalyptus, and is following a similar hiring pattern.

He claims that the main advantage of having people work from home is that you get a practically unlimited pool of potential employees. In his words, “so in the job market, we got access to just amazing talent who had offers from Google and Yahoo! and other companies of three times the salary, and they just didn’t take it, because for them, their life and their home, and the locality where they were were so important that they refused to move; they would rather work for an amazing open source company from home.”

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