Hotel booking calculator

This is an example of a calculator that demonstrates the date-related functions of the plugin, along with hidden intermediate calculation steps.

Price list

Weekdays Weekends
Regular room $20 per night $25 per night
Deluxe room $30 per night $40 per night

    Price estimate: $

    Source code for this form:

    <label>Room type
    [radio deluxe "Regular" "Deluxe"] [variable deluxe_flag cf7-hide "deluxe:" "Regular 0" "Deluxe 1" "default 0"]</label>
    <label>Check in
    [date checkin]
    <label>Check out
    [date checkout]
    [calculate_button "Calculate"] [calculation total_nights min:0 cf7-hide "checkout-checkin"] [calculation weekday_nights min:0 cf7-hide "fn_business_days(checkin+1, checkout)"] [calculation weekend_nights min:0 cf7-hide "total_nights-weekday_nights"] [calculation weekday_subtotal min:0 cf7-hide "weekday_nights*(20+deluxe_flag*10)"] [calculation weekend_subtotal cf7-hide "weekend_nights*(25+deluxe_flag*15)"]
    Price estimate: <span id="booking_total">$ [calculation price min:0 "weekday_subtotal + weekend_subtotal"]</span>
    [paypal paypal-button field:price currency:USD "Hotel Booking Demo"]