Distance and travel time calculator

This calculator connects with the Google Maps API in order to calculate distance (in miles or metric units) and driving time (in hours or minutes).

    Source code for this form:

    <label>Starting address:
    [address start]</label>
    <label>Destination address:
    [address finish]</label>
    [radio units "miles" "kilometers"]</label>
    [calculate_button "Calculate"]
    [group result_miles]
    <label>Road travel distance:
    [calculation distance_mi precision:2 "fn_distance(start, finish, miles)"] miles</label>
    [group result_km]
    <label>Road travel distance:
    [calculation distance_km precision:2 "fn_distance(start, finish, km)"] km</label>
    <label>Travel time:
    [calculation travel_time precision:1 "fn_travel_time(start, finish, h)"] hours</label>